About Us

BHAVISHYA – The Way Ahead is a project set out by the young minds of India. This project aims to cater to the needs of those children whose education cannot be afforded by their parents.Large no of children in various parts of the nation are forced to stay at home or work as child laborers due to the lack of financial support & proper nurturing.

‘BHAVISHYA’ was conceptualized by us, a group of committed professionals, hailing from different parts of India.We are based in Jamshedpur and also operational in Pune as of now.

Our team comprises 9 engineers, relentlessly working after ‘ BHAVISHYA ‘ which is our dream project . This is evident by the significant achievements it has made in a first few months since its inception.

We at BHAVISHYA are committed towards the goal of spreading literacy to the children who are at the verge of dropping out from school. The handpicked cases are given personal attention by our members.Diversity defines our team. Even though we are based in separate locations, we operate as one. We wish to unite fortunate people like you to take a step ahead for the betterment of the lives of such children.

Our Mission:

“Bhavishya is dedicated to provide quality education to the young flames of India, battling in the strong wind of economic backwardness” .

Bhavishya Vision:

” To meet the basic education needs of bright children, to preserve their childhood from being exploited and to make them the responsible citizens of India, who can dream of a better tomorrow. It is our earnest desire to make quality education accessible and affordable.”

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