Our Achievements

In the journey of BHAVISHYA so far, one of the major achievements has been the admission of Anjali, an 8 year old girl who dropped out of school some 2 years back. Anjali and her 2 siblings were forced to give up their education after the demise of their parents. The 3 siblings stay all by their own, the only earning member being Sanjit, Anjali’s 14 year old brother who is a daily wage earner. Anjali’s elder sister Priyanka expressed her desire of sending Anjali to school again.

We at BHAVISHYA took up this case as a challenge. Anjali was admitted to class III of a school affiliated to the Jharkhand board. However, we discovered that she was unable to cope with the course. We were then bound to think and re-think before the BHAVISHYA team decided to re-admit her into class II of the same school which is an English medium. She was also given the personal guidance of a tutor to help her cope with the course.

Anjali is a very bright girl and we believe that given the proper guidance, she will definitely excel and fulfill her dreams.

Our best wishes with Anjali and her family for a bright future.

Rahul Sharma, the eldest of our children has passed his matriculation from Jharkhand board in 1st Division and has secured admission into class XI of Vivek Vidyalaya, a CBSE school in the colony.

Rahul aims to pursue a career in the technical field. We wish him all the very best for all his future prospects. Rahul Sharma was a class X student in Shishu Vidya Mandir School, Jamshedpur which is affiliated to the Jharkhand board. He is a good student and a rank holder. Having lost his father who was a carpenter by profession, Rahul’s family has seen very bad days. Rahul’s fees were outstanding for a couple of months and he was struggling to complete his board exams. His elder brother had to discontinue his studies after class X and is currently working in Tata Steel as a daily wage laborer. He earns Rs. 110 per day. We had taken up Rahul’s case having cleared his outstanding fees at school.

Rahul has passed his class X board exams in 1st Division and has taken admission into class XI of Viivek Vidyalaya, CBSE Board.
Hundreds of such cases in India still lie unidentified. We at BHAVISHYA have made a small attempt to help these children dream of a better tomorrow.

Together, we can make their dreams of education come true.


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