We have some sponsors associated with BHAVISHYA who personally take up the cases of the children enrolled with us and guide them through. Our volunteers are well settled hailing from different parts of the country. Their support gives each child an assurance and warmth that is required for their academic excellence and intellectual progress. BHAVISHYA is open for new volunteers who wish to join us in bringing about a small change in the Rural Middle India.

Sl. No. Sponsor Name City Sponsored Child Centre
1 Barnali Das Kolkata Ajit Kumar Jamshedpur
2 Priyangana Sharma Kolkata Anjan Raj Jamshedpur
3 Maitrayee Dasgupta Kolkata Sourav Verma Jamshedpur
4 Subhalaxmi Panda Kolkata Anjan Raj Jamshedpur
5 Subhas Mukherjee Kolkata Sourav Verma Jamshedpur
6 Krishnaveni Baipireddy Pune Anjan Raj Jamshedpur
7 Yogesh Benawat Mumbai Sourav Verma Jamshedpur
8 Rahul Narwade Pune Kauslendrar Rajasthan
9 Arvind Jamshedpur Meenu Lohra Jamshedpur
10 Loveleen Mishra Jamshedpur Nikita Das Jamshedpur
11 Bismoy Ranjan Pati Jamshedpur Shubhankar Das Jamshedpur
12 Jayanta Bose Jamshedpur Pooja Rabidas Jamshedpur
13 Shweta Baid Jamshedpur Priyanka Sahu Jamshedpur
14 Peony Patnaik Bangalore Shabnam Rajasthan
15 Abhinav Pabby Kolkata Raju Rajasthan
16 Gaurav Goel UK Kumar Rajasthan
17 Roy Coutinho UK Shubham Rajasthan
18 Hemant Taneja UK Aditya Rajasthan
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